Poland2010Tour 8/31—9/22/10

My 2010 Tour of Poland in Photos
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01-02 Gdansk

Read about Gdańsk in my blog

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02 Westerplatte-Solidarnosc

Read about Westerplatte in my Blog

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03 Malbork

Read about Malbork in my Blog

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03-04 Mrangowo and area

Read about Mrągowo in my Blog

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05 Warszawa

Read my blog about Warszawa

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06 Sandomierz

Read my blog about Warszawa to Sandomierz and Around Sandomierz

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07-08 Rzeszow

In and around Rzeszow

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08 Lupcza

We had an amazing adventure in Lupcza today!

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09-10 Zakopane

Read my blog about Zakopane

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10 Gubałówka

Read my blog about more fun in Zakopane

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10 oscypek

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10 Wood Carver

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11 Krauszów

Read my blog about Krauszów

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11 Ludzmierz

Read my blog about Ludzmierz

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Read my blog about Kraków

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13-14 Wrocław

Read my blog about Wrocław

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Cemeteries and Memorials

Read my blog about the cemeteries and memorials that I saw in Poland.

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Read my blog about the Churches of Poland

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Read my blog about our the grandeur of the Polish Countryside

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Read about Alicja, Wojtek, and Bartek in my Blog Read about Ludwiga, Paulina, and Bartek in my Blog

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Food and Dining

Read my blog to learn more about all the amazing food we had in Poland

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Group Photos

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Read my blog about the homes, yards, and other buildings in Poland

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Hotel Rooms

Read my blog about our Hotel Rooms in Poland

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Us Tourists

Just a bunch of photos of "the gang" that did the tour!

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